Back To love Weekender Posponed to June 2021 Due to coronavirus.

After talking to a number of you, the Bliss hotel & Waterfront, we have now agreed to postpone the Back to love weekender in Southport until Next year in June. 
We want to keep it in June because of the weather and the fabulous location, so everyone can see the beauty of this venue 👌🏿

Now with all that is going on at this time some promoters are being unscrupulous and operating without integrity, but this is not us.

So here are your options

1. You can carry over your hotel booking/ or have a full refund

2. You can keep hold of your ticket/tickets or 
anyone who requires their money back will get a full refund, less the booking fee.

3. We will still honor tickets from any winners of competitions

4. We will be putting on a few more Arist and changing a few things so there will be a slight increase in the Price .

We hope this is satisfactory to all of you, and you can contact any of us on our numbers or via email or the website. We again thank you all for your understanding and hopefully we will make this event bigger and even better 🙏🏾 & remember stay safe 

Contact us here: